Additional Promotional Opportunities

Promote your presence at ISC 2019

We offer a range of unique products and branding opportunities at affordable prices to engage attendees with your brand and key messaging.

Please contact with any inquiries regarding aditional promotional opportunities. 

Attendee contact list (opt-in)

Target potential customers with your messaging before the show kicks off. You will receive full contact information for more than 1500* registered attendees (includes first name, last name, title, company, job title, email address and country).

*This list only contains the information of participants who opted to share their information. This number is an estimate based on previous events.


The opt-in attendee list can be purchased and downloaded through the Exhibitor Portal
For more information regarding the opt-in attendee list, please follow this link


Price: 1,000.00€ + VAT (if applicable)

Attendee bag inserts

Add a unique give-away and leave a lasting impression of your organization. Items like the following are popular: mints, energy bars, USB hubs and power banks. Of course you can also insert promotional literature (max. 2 pages).


The opportunity to place inserts in the ISC attendee bags can be purchased through the Exhibitor Portal.   


All items should be delivered to the designated warehouse no later than June 7, 2019.


Price: 2,700.00€ + VAT (if applicable)

Website banners

Banner advertising on the ISC 2019 website can be a powerful branding tool – over 3500 attendees will be frequenting the 2019 conference website until June 20. A well-designed, eye-catching banner will drive visitors to your site.


Banners are to be delivered with the following specifications: 180x150px; GIF or PNG; static image.

It is possible to place your ad on the following pages:
Banners will rotate with up to five (5) other banners.


Price: 600.00€ + VAT (if applicable)

Please contact to place your order. 

Physical displays at the conference

We also offer onsite banner advertising (hanging banners, floor stickers, branded towers and more) to spotlight your presence at the show.


Contact us for a personalized offer.

Order deadline: May 10, 2019. 

Please contact to place your order.

Sponsored floor plans

Help attendees navigate the show floor and attract attention to your booth by sponsoring the ISC exhibition floor plans. Strategically located throughout the exhibition hall, the floor plans will prominently feature your booth and your message (your ad on the plan 836 x 80 mm).


Price: 3,000.00€ (4 plans included) + VAT (if applicable) 

Order deadline: May 31, 2019

Please contact to place your order.

Walking Promotional Activities

Sometimes it helps to leave your booth to attract customers to it. This opportunity allows your booth professionals to proactively approach visitors outside your exhibit space to distribute literature, invitations, and more. As we limit the number of walking promotional activities each exhibition day, this is definitely an exclusive opportunity for you.


Price: 2,500.00€ (inside exhibition hall)3,000.00€ (outside exhibition hall) + VAT* (if applicable)

Please contact to place your order.

Branded lounges

Increase your brand visibility by sponsoring seating areas for attendees where they can relax or have a spontaneous meeting. Located just outside the exhibition hall and away from the exhibition buzz these quiet and comfortably furnished lounges are extremely popular and always occupied. You will have an opportunity to place your printed materials, giveaways and your roll-up banner at the lounges.


Price: 3,000.00€ per lounge (2 locations available) + VAT (if applicable)

Please contact to place your order.

Café sponsorship in the conference area

Leave a memorable impression and invite attendees for a barista quality coffee between the conference sessions on Tuesday (June 18, 2019) and Wednesday (June 19, 2019). Your logo will be featured on coffee cups, the barista’s apron, standing tables and even on the foam of the drinks.


Price: 9,000.00€ + VAT (if applicable)

Please contact to place your order.

Pre-Conference Party Sponsorship

Be the first to welcome attendees arriving early for ISC 2019 with the Sunday evening party.


This event allows ISC participants the possibility to catch up with new and familiar faces in a casual setting and ahead of a busy week. To help everyone ignore the jetlag, we have packed the evening with various entertainment activities: science slam, popular music, and of course food and drinks. The party is open to all but is limited to the first 400 attendees.


The sponsor will be mentioned in the pre-event and onsite communication related to the party and will have an opportunity to distribute marketing materials to the party attendees.


Price: 6,000.00€ + VAT (if applicable)

Please contact to place your order.

Research poster reception sponsorship

The one-hour reception taking place on Tuesday, June 18, 2019, directly after the Research Poster session, brings together about 200 participants for an informal interaction about new research projects in different parts of the world. Awards for outstanding posters will be presented during the reception.


The session presenters are mostly members of teams working in diverse areas of HPC, whilst the attendees include entry level and senior researchers from universities, research centers and government laboratories and also vendors interested in the latest HPC innovation.


As the sponsor you will have the opportunity to place two roll-up banners in the reception area and time to welcome participants with a short speech. The sponsor will also be mentioned in marketing communication related to the reception.


Price: 5,000.00€ + VAT (if applicable)

This sponsorship opportunity is only available to research organizations.

Please contact to place your order.

ISC STEM Student Day sponsorship

The ISC STEM Student Day is a full-day program taking place on Wednesday, June 19, 2019, free of charge for international undergraduate and graduate students. It introduces science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) students to the HPC career landscape and different technologies that encompass HPC through educational sessions, a guided tour of the exhibition, a career fair and other activities.


The ISC STEM Student Day sponsorship is attractive to organizations that offer HPC training, education, as well as employment opportunities. For further details please click here.


Prices: 2,000.00-5,000.00€ (depending on the level of exposure and other services included in the packages) + VAT (if applicable)

Order deadline: April 23, 2019.

Please contact to place your order.

If you have any specific ideas for promoting your brand and exhibits at ISC 2019, we’d be happy to discuss your plans. Please contact Ms. Anna Schachoff at